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Truly Magical: Beautiful Ceremony at the JX Venue

This dreamy wedding featured blush, gold and nude hues and paid tribute to the groom's heritage.
Sydney Stevens

A birthday barn party in Wisconsin brought Natalie Hager and Luis Loya together in 2015. The two went to colleges 20 minutes apart, though Natalie was from the Minneapolis suburbs and Luis from Chicago. After graduation, Luis followed Natalie to Minneapolis, where they spent the next four years making memories. The day they closed on their home, they decided to grab a bite and walk across the Stone Arch Bridge in downtown. As they approached the midpoint, Luis got down on one knee and proposed, a moment that was “simply magical,” Natalie says. Their dreamy wedding of florals, twinkling lights, candles and chandeliers featured a blush, gold and nude palette. At the ceremony, a lasso was tied around the couple to signify unity, a tradition that honored Luis’ Mexican heritage. A mariachi band serenaded guests for the cocktail hour as friends and family reconnected. During the reception, the newlyweds snuck up to the roof overlooking Stillwater to pause and reflect on their happiness.

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