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Couple Who Met While Working at Target Headquarters Marries at PAIKKA

The bride's veil slipped off her head during the procession, but nothing could spoil this beautiful day
The couple lounging at PAIKKA, captured by Gilded Sparrow Photography

“The entire day was pretty incredible,” Barrett Holman says of marrying David Dahl. “I can’t imagine anything going better—even the things that went wrong made for some pretty great memories.” Case in point: As Barrett was walking down the aisle, a strong gust of wind blew her veil into a tree, ripping it off her head. Everyone—bride and groom included—started laughing, which set the stage for a night of merriment. The couple, who met while working at Target headquarters, wanted their wedding to be as easy and enjoyable as possible for their guests, so choosing one location for both ceremony and reception was important. “PAIKKA was a no-brainer. It is such a gorgeous and unique space,” Barrett says. “Some of the most memorable parts of the wedding were the readings and speeches given by our friends and family during both the ceremony and reception.” Another great part of the day was having drinks from A Proper Pour. “We heard over and over again from our guests how awesome the pre-made drinks were at the bar. They would walk up, grab a drink and no one spent any time waiting in a line.”

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