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Wedding Celebration at Paikka

Nothing better than a classic wedding at a beautiful St. Paul venue.
Allyson Reedy - updated 8/20/19
Wedding Couple at Paikka, Minnesota

Wedding: August 18, 2017

Ceremony & reception: Paikka, St. Paul

Honeymoon: Greece and Italy

Jill Scott and Alex Lelchuk may have met as neighbors while attending college in laid-back southern California, but their wedding day was all glamour. Picking the perfect venue, though, was tough. “We were having trouble finding somewhere that checked off all our boxes,” Jill says. “When I walked into Paikka, I knew it was the one.” Jill loved that the walls could open up, creating the perfect flow between inside and out. “I also liked that we could really transform the space into exactly what we wanted, rather than something more cookie-cutter.” To achieve that effortless chic vibe, they filled the space with lots of greenery and flowers. As Alex is Russian, the couple chose a Russian caterer to provide appetizers and Russian desserts. “Walking into our venue and seeing everything I had pictured and planned for nine months come to life was an amazing feeling,” Jill says.

Wedding Reception at Paikka, Minnesota
Wedding Ceremony at Paikka, Minnesota
Wedding Celebration at Paikka, Minnesota
Wedding Program at Paikka, Minnesota
Wedding Tableware at Paikka, Minnesota
Wedding Bouquets at Paikka, Minnesota
Minnesota Couple gets Married at Paikka, Minnesota
Wedding Menu at Paikka, Minnesota

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