Western-Inspired Bridal Fashion on a Southern Minnesota Ranch

Styled Shoot
Modern updates on classic Western fashion tell a tale of legendary romance.
Written by
Megan White


Minnesota Bride Spring/Summer 2023

Being an equestrian myself‭,‬ I’ve always been inspired by the true cowgirl‭, ‬the Western culture and sunsets within the natural‭ ‬landscape of southern Minnesota‭.‬

Rachel Johnson‭, ‬owner‭ + ‬photographer‭, ‬Rachel Leigh Photo

Kallan and Josh take in the wide-open spaces on a southern Minnesota ranch on the brink of the golden hour, reveling in the pastoral serenity. Our bride’s daring bolo-inspired necklace of preserved blooms and grasses is sure to turn heads. Epitomizing the “clean girl aesthetic,” she glows with neutral makeup. Subtle details like a seemingly endless trail of satin-covered buttons lend a quaint and dainty touch to her off-the-shoulder gown.

The man in black,Josh steps up his look with a striking handmade bolo of white buffalo turquoise set in sterling silver with black leather cords. Said to possess powerful properties, this rare stone represents strength and awareness––which bodes well for a long and happy marriage.  

A monochromatic bouquet overflows with cream and white florals and pale earth-hued grasses, a complement to her floral neckpiece.

There’s no need to sacrifice comfort for style, whether headed down the aisle or out on the range. The soft drape of her gown pairs with intricately embroidered boots and a classic cowboy hat—a fashion-forward statement that effortlessly says, “I’m at home in my skin, wherever I go.”  


Southern Minnesota







Private Ranch
Photography, concept & planning
Bride’s boots
Groom’s bolo tie & bride’s earrings
Groom’s attire
From the model’s wardrobe