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Ballroom Blitz

JW Marriott’s Diamond Ballroom is big on style and space.

Minneapolis is full of venues—be they fancy, laid-back, hip or traditional—that accommodate small to mid-size weddings. But what if you have a lot of friends and family? Like a lot, a lot? For couples with guest lists longer than a Russian novel, the JW Marriott Minneapolis Mall of America’s Diamond Ballroom, which comfortably holds up to 900, is an opulent choice for hosting large affairs.

With rich wood and modern décor, the spacious 15,350-square-foot ballroom feels almost intimate. The custom chandeliers specifically designed to resemble glittering diamond bracelets don’t hurt, either.

As a bonus, the hotel offers couples a complimentary stay on their one-year anniversary (hundreds of friends and family members not included).

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