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Olympic Gold Medalist Jessie Diggin's Garden-Chic Wedding at Almquist Farm

Jessie and Wade's award-winning celebration in Hastings
Sydney Stevens

When Jessie Diggins, an Olympic gold medalist in cross-country skiing, attended a fellow Olympian’s wedding in Canada, it wasn’t long before Wade Poplawski noticed the woman in the daring red dress at the giant Jenga game, where losers had to kiss if they knocked over the blocks. After Jessie and Wade “lost” a game, they made a bet: The loser had to rent a car and drive to visit the winner. A few months later, Wade made the drive from his home in Boston to Jessie’s front door in Vermont. Their five years of dating were full of memory-making and traveling around Europe before Wade proposed in Monadnock State Park in New Hampshire amid beautiful mountain views. Flowers abounded at the enchanting event, and guests were treated to “appetizers from the world” to showcase the couple’s memories of their travels together. The first look was a favorite moment for both bride and groom: “I’ve been madly in love with him for seven years, and seeing the love and commitment in his eyes is something I’ll never forget,” Jessie says. After their “I dos,” Jessie changed into a custom Tara LaTour gown to wrap up a night to remember.  

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