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Lush, Floral-Filled Wedding at Rolling Ridge

Kayla and Josh's wedding was filled with surprises around every corner.
Sherri Hildebrandt

Wedding Date: July 3, 2020

Kayla Kleinjan and Josh Harcourt’s love story has been full of surprises—among them, a seven-hour first date after meeting on Tinder. Josh’s proposal was also a surprise. One August evening in 2019, Kayla came home to three roses and a note—which was actually the first of several riddles that sent Kayla all over Springfield, Missouri, where the couple lived, ending with Josh in the town square on bended knee. COVID forced the couple to change their plans, venue and wedding date more than once, but the result, Kayla says, was perfect. The floral details were a highlight, especially her bouquet, a cascade of coral, blush and pink peonies, ranunculus and roses. “There were flowers and greenery everywhere,” Kayla says—even on the llama she arranged as a surprise for Josh. The day after their wedding, the couple got married all over again at a 4th of July party during the Pelican Lake Boat Parade. The whole party organized a “shotgun wedding” entry, complete with the father of the bride driving her to the pontoon on a Jet Ski—and ended up taking first place.

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