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Half Acre House Wedding

Dairy Queen was the beginning of a sweet romance.
Rebekah Gregorich - updated 8/19/19
Sparklers for wedding sendoff

Wedding Date: June 16, 2017

A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but DQ is a girl’s best friend. Jake rekindled an initial spark from collegiate freshman year with a quaint kiss during junior year spring break and sweetened the deal with a cone from Dairy Queen. Jessica, in her words, was “sold”. The next 6 years leading up to their wedding day were expertly represented in the ceremony, having been hand-written by the pair themselves. A close friend of both acted as officiant, maybe also to help keep their story straight.  This followed their tearful first look, made so by the personal notes written to each other and for each other only. Jessica opted for plenty of family help and DIY features to make this celebration truly personal. The bouquets were adorned with greenery from the Mother of the Bride’s garden and were arranged, along with the centerpieces and boutonnières, by several members of the bride’s family. Jake and Jessica were also blessed, it seemed, by Mother Nature with a storm rendering the venue closed for the few days leading up to the wedding; leaving the space otherwise empty for the couple and their guests. What transpired in that now vast country club was a gorgeously relaxed evening complete with lots of laughter and love.

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