A Green Wedding at the Historic Hope Glen Farm

Wedding Photography at the Hope Glen Farm
Real Wedding
A simple and family-focused celebration trimmed with lace and lots of love
Written by
Rebekah Gregorich - updated 8/26/19

Wedding Date: July 3, 2017

Honeymoon: San Francisco

It was sweet serendipity that brought Sean and Morgan back together after grade school in Rochester: from never crossing paths in their youth to running into each other every day on their way to work. Sean asked her out promptly after only a few morning chats and they’ve been together ever since. Two themes were very important to the couple in putting together their wedding: simplicity and family. Planning was primarily focused on the ceremony, which beautifully honored the couple and their respective journeys. Morgan’s father passed away in 2014 and she made the tough decision that the best way to honor him was to walk herself down the aisle with a small photo of him attached to her bouquet. Sean’s younger cousin escorted a bridesmaid’s daughter down the aisle as joint Flower Girl and Boy. Morgan’s sister also acted as the officiant, so the ceremony was filled with the most personal sentiments, honoring hardships and highlights, including hand written vows from both the bride and groom. A happy mix of laughter and tears remained the mood for the rest of the evening.

From the Bride:

“Once we were ready to get everyone on the dance floor, I had the DJ play a song for my dad, “Joy to The World” by Three Dog Night. When he invited everyone to dance in honor of my dad, I don’t think there was one person left sitting.  It was such a beautiful way to see both of our families come together and even though my dad wasn’t there physically. We could all feel the love.”

City State:

Historic Hope Glen Farm