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Going the Distance: Together is a Beautiful Place To Be

Distance and a pandemic couldn't stop Leslie and Kevin from celebrating their dream day.
Kristin Synder
Photo by Tay Ericson Photography

WEDDING: June 6, 2020

Despite some twists and turns, and an ocean separating them, Leslie Byun and Kevin Huang found their way back to each other, only to have their wedding derailed—briefly—by COVID-19. The two met in 2014 and there was definitely a spark, but a year later, Leslie moved to Sweden to teach at an international school. When she moved back to Minnesota three years later, the two reconnected, rekindling feelings from years before. In 2019, a 61⁄2-mile trek on the Superior Hiking Trail led to a viewpoint overlooking Bean and Bear Lakes—and a proposal. The pandemic initially put their original plans for a March wedding on hold, but the couple only postponed their vows for a few months. They found PAIKKA’s small wedding package through Instagram and instantly fell in love with the venue’s simple, industrial aesthetic. With only their immediate families, pastor and photographer present, Leslie and Kevin embraced the laid-back atmosphere. Leslie added a fun hat at the last moment; dried florals and grasses made up her bouquet and Kevin’s boutonniere, adding more texture to the backdrop of live plants and modern architecture. A sweet personal moment—Leslie and Kevin each reading letters to their parents—moved Leslie to tears. Not wanting to miss out, a few friends planned a small reception—a highly anticipated event, after everyone had been separated during the lockdown. Though they plan to have a bigger celebration post-COVID, their new life is off to a meaningful start.

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