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Branching Out in the Treehouse Suite

Romance meets adventure at Hope Glen Farm’s Tree House Suite.
Allyson Reedy

We’ve got the perfect getaway for couples ready to go out on a limb for a little adventure. (As long as you’re not afraid of heights, that is.) The Tree House Honeymoon Suite at Hope Glen Farm combines the cool factor of sleeping in the treetops with special-occasion luxury. The whimsical treehouse has four levels, from 8 feet to 40 feet off the ground.

This is definitely the best spot we can think of to live out those Tarzan and Jane daydreams—assuming that T and J had two fireplaces, a jacuzzi, full kitchen and heated floors in their treehouse of love. Oh, and there’s also a secret room, because no treehouse is complete without one.

A great spot to celebrate an engagement, anniversary or just a regular old Tuesday, the treehouse is rentable year-round via Airbnb and VRBO. Plus, if you host your wedding at the farm, the treehouse suite is all yours for your wedding night.

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