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Whimsy and Drama In a Styled Shoot at Watson Block

A bride channeling Marilyn Monroe and a chic, intimate venue.
Emma Franke
Dark Wedding Decor Minnesota

From the photographer: 

Putting together a styled shoot at Watson Block was a true creative feast. The tough part was deciding which stylistic direction to take, as the space inspires so many different ideas. I teamed up with Tassel and Tarte and we eventually  picked the retro 50’s feel with a modern twist, and it worked beautifully with the vibe of the place.  When the whole set up came to life, complete with the pampas grasses, it suddenly occurred to me that each corner has a secret, unexpected potential to be turned into an iconic shot in addition to my planned shot list. I think this was the most rewarding part of this shoot - finding the hidden treasures and the spontaneous shots.  I was also lucky enough to find the perfect dress, which as a photographer, I love to participate in, even in real weddings. Last but not least, the incredibly talented team, who all understood the vision and brought a piece of their own into the mix, made this shoot a dream. 

Dark Wedding Decor Minnesota

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