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Taking a Chance on Romance: From Online Dating to a Grand Wedding with Gorgeous City Views

Love was only a few clicks away for Shannon and Brian.
Sherri Hildebrandt
Photo by Brianna Lane Photography

WEDDING: March 14, 2020

Shannon Tomfohrde was about to give up on online dating and told herself that Brian Zou would be the last person from eHarmony she’d date. Meanwhile, Shannon was the first woman Brian messaged after joining the service—and he didn’t have to look further. After two years of dating, the couple was visiting Shannon’s family in Wisconsin and took dogs Nika, Bowie and Millie for a walk. “ The dogs were incredibly misbehaved,” Shannon says, “and just as we were about to give up and go back, they decided to cooperate.” They all sat down—and even kept quiet when Brian proposed and Shannon joyfully answered “Yes!” Though many guests had to cancel, Shannon’s grandparents made sure they were there—celebrating their 68th wedding anniversary; they even did a “first dance” after Shannon and Brian’s turn on the floor, since they hadn’t had one at their own wedding. The couple kept their décor simple and neutral, with plenty of fresh greenery; for centerpieces, each table had a cake on a unique cake stand. As the evening wound down, the couple stole away to a quiet spot overlooking the Mississippi to share a special moment.

Wedding Video by KAS Films LLC

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