Purely Magical at Royal Golf Club

Emilie and Quinten wed at Royal Golf Club
Real Wedding
Emilie and Quinten wed on a sunny summer day in an elegant setting.


Spring/Summer 2020

Wedding Date: June 29, 2019

Emilie Gutzmann and Quinten Strub attended high school together, and though they probably passed each other in the hall many times, they didn’t get to know each other until connecting on Facebook through mutual friends. A friendly hello on Facebook led to a date the next evening, and after seven years of dating, the couple got engaged in the Dominican Republic. As she started to plan her big day, Emilie knew two things right away: She wanted a summer wedding and a short engagement, so when The Royal Golf Club had one date left for the summer, the couple took it. Emilie believes having a short engagement actually made things easier: She wasn’t overwhelmed with options and could plan one aspect and move right on to the next. The day of the wedding, the pair married under a white wooden arch made by Quinten’s uncle. Greenery complemented the sparkling white venue, with flower-filled terrariums as centerpieces. Emilie had hoped it wouldn’t rain, of course, but what she hadn’t thought about was the temperature, so she (and their guests) were thankful for a 10-minute ceremony on a sunny, sultry day.

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Lake Elmo




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