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Pre-Quarantine Elopement in the Privacy and Safety of the Family Home

With the possibility of a Stay at Home Order taking effect in a few days, this couple made a quick decision to elope in late March.
Megan White
Aimeé and Seth being wed in her parents' living room with her father officiating.

At the end of March, there were rumors that a Stay at Home Order was about to go into effect to quell the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Minnesota. In that time of uncertainty, Aimeé Sommerville and Seth Assam made the tough, yet quick decision to move forward with their wedding, but with a few adjustments. 

First, they changed their date. Changing a wedding date sounds insurmountable, but they made the choice to get married a week earlier so that Seth's parents would be able to travel to the wedding before the Stay at Home Order was enacted.  Secondly, to follow new guidelines that limited the number of attendees at a gathering, they kept their revised guest list as small as possible, with only their parents and a photographer in attendance. They also had to change their venue. Their original plan was to be wed at Aria, but given the circumstances, they said their "I do's" in the serene and sentimental setting of Aimeé's parents' living room. She wore her rehearsal dress, and created her own bouquet with the help of Flowers of Edina. They even had the bride's father officiate to keep the attendee count low, and to make it even more memorable! Afterwards, they dined on takeout and doughnuts from their favorite local spots. Despite difficult times causing them to change their plans, Aimeé and Seth still had their big day, just on a smaller scale. And most importantly, they have each other. 

They plan on holding a reception at a later date, and hope to still work with as many of their original vendors as possible. Their photographer, Christina, of Steena Anne, said, "They did a fantastic job of retaining all of their vendors and were so supportive of my business and others during this process. I was blown away by them!"

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