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Glitz, Glamour and Smiles Galore at this Traditional Walima

Aleeza and Salman's joy shines bright throughout their celebration at the InterContinental Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport.
Hannah Fox
Aleeza and Salman posing on bridge before their traditional walima.

Wed in traditional Pakistani fashion, Aleeza Asghar and Salman Dar had three different celebrations. The first of the three, known as the mehndi, was a more casual, festive celebration, featuring live music and performances. The shaadi was next, a formal dinner where Aleeza officially became part of Salman’s family, and the two became husband and wife; both ceremonies took place in Chicago. Then, everyone picked up and came to Minneapolis for the final celebration, the walima. This was a seated dinner-turned-celebration, honoring the official joining of the two. Aleeza wore ornate traditional gowns to each part of her wedding, and Salman wore a mix of traditional and modern garb. The couple’s favorite moments from their Minneapolis celebration included their private reading of vows to each other, as well as a skit the bride’s sister and cousins put on that portrayed the couple’s love story.

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