At First Frost: A Crisp Color Palette for November Weddings

Grays and stark whites make up the bride and groom's attire
Gather winter wedding inspiration from décor that’s clean, textured and refreshing—just like the season’s inaugural snowfall.
Written by
Megan McCarty


Fall/Winter 2019

(Above) This white-hot wedding style will warm up even the chilliest winter wedding. A silk dress from The White Room featuring a faint shade of blush—a complement to the all-alabaster décor—is paired with a beaded cape and oversized earrings for an ultra-elegant look.

(Below) This dried floral installation was inspired by the frostbitten November grasses of Minnesota. “No green remaining, only the changing seasons from autumn to winter,” says creative director and florist Ashley Fox. Such a statement piece could be repurposed throughout your wedding day: as a ceremony backdrop, photo op wall and, of course, to designate a sweetheart table for two.

(Above) Nowhere is it written you must have an elaborate, oh-so-unlike-you updo on your wedding day. It is, on the other hand, essential that you look and feel like yourself. So go ahead—let your hair down!

(Below) Timeless fonts, scrolling hand-lettered calligraphy, subdued tones. Chances are guests will keep an invitation suite this classic—kudos to Shasta Bell Calligraphy for the design—for years to come. 

(Above) The key to a striking tablescape? Texture, texture, texture. Here, Fox arranged centerpieces that balance soft and spiky atop a champagne-colored linen set with etched glassware and sleek plates. It’s detailed but not distracting, and perfect for conversation to flow all evening long.

(Below) There’s nothing boring about gray (if that book with 50 shades of it taught us anything ...). This sleek suit from MartinPatrick3, which pairs varieties of slate, granite and brushed nickel tones, is made all the more interesting layered with a sweater, a nod to the coziness of a winter wedding.

(Above) Handmade-paper place cards, featuring torn edges and white calligraphy, evoke the crisp feeling of frost on a windowpane. So pretty, so simple.

(Below) If only a bouquet this brilliant could last a lifetime. Fox arranged this blooming beauty using anthurium, scabiosa and ranunculus, then wrapped it in a natural dyed silk ribbon (another Shasta Bell creation) overlaid with a vintage French 1930s lace ribbon. Oui, oui!






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