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Country Club Charm at Lafayette Club

Glamorous black and white wedding in Minnetonka
Hannah Fox
Bridal party at Lafayette Club

Liz Gau and Teddy Link got engaged at Oregon’s spectacular Cannon Beach. During their engagement, Teddy always joked about “a ring for a Roley,” where the bride’s gift to the groom is a Rolex watch, but when the big day rolled around, Liz gave him a cheap watch she knew he’d never wear. Sweetheart that he is, he thanked her and put it on. She let him squirm for a minute before actually giving him his real gift—a real Rolex. Family played a big part in Liz and Teddy’s special day. The bride’s sister performed a reading during the ceremony, and the groom’s sister did a reading and a Mala bracelet exchange. The groom’s brother led the ring warming ceremony, wherein the rings were passed and held by all 155 attendees. Liz had brooches in her bouquet from both her late grandmother and great-grandmother and wore the ring her father gave her mother when they started dating. She also wore a shorter version of her mother’s wedding dress, both at the rehearsal dinner and later in the reception, where wedding photos of their ancestors were on display.

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