Cool, Calm and Collected: Vintage Wedding Rentals & Styling

Collected Rentals & Styling offers elegant touches for one-of-a-kind weddings.
Written by
Becky Kazana


Fall/Winter 2015

Mari Roddy and Marcy Eccles, the duo behind new Twin Cities vintage rental company Collected Rentals & Styling, have curated a treasure trove of beautiful furniture and accessories to lend personality and flair to special events. Think artfully tufted sofas and a thoughtful mix of vintage and modern pieces.

What sets them apart is that they offer customized rental collections, rather than individual pieces (which streamlines the rental process and relieves customer stress). They’ve curated two collections to evoke different feelings. “The French Collection is very soft and neutral, while the Industrial Collection is dark, moody and masculine,” says Roddy. The pieces are surprisingly versatile, allowing couples to express their own personality and aesthetic.

“All of our clients love to have something unique and fresh,” adds Roddy. “They know how to push the style envelope, and trust us to help them.” New collections are in the works to offer couples even more options. In addition to rentals, Roddy and Eccles offer styling services and delivery, so you and your sweetie can rest easy on that rented chaise lounge.