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Chic Lakeside Event at the Lafayette Club

Jessica and Anthony's wedding was emotional, and their personally written vows were a highlight.

Ever since they were kids playing hockey together, Jessica Harrington and Anthony DeGiulio had a crush on each other, but both were too shy to say anything. Sophomore year, Jessica passed Anthony a note — and asked for a reply. They continued to pass notes until "eventually we were forced to talk to each other," Jessica recalls. At 16 they began dating. Eight years later, they were on a trip to Cabo when Anthony took advantage of a stunning sunset at the beach to propose. When the newly engaged couple arrived home, they were surprised with a house fully decorated for Christmas with flowers from their families. The Lafayette Club was the perfect wedding venue, as some of the couple’s best memories took place at the lake. After they read their personally written vows, guests were welcomed to the reception with an accordion playing Italian music, a nod to the DeGiulio family, while guests were treated to favors of homemade meltaway cookies (the bride’s favorite) and limoncello, among other offerings. The newlyweds toasted the day with the same glasses the bride’s grandparents used at their wedding. To finish the evening, guests danced the night away to the Riverside All-Stars.

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