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Bride and Corgi Wear Matching Wreaths at Hutton House Wedding

Minnesota native Kelsey Holthaus and Matt Bosn met in Seattle and returned to the Land of 10,000 Lakes to marry at The Hutton House.
Hannah Fox
Kelsey and Matt at their ceremony outside the Hutton House.

Kelsey Holthaus and Matt Bosn met when they both worked in Seattle. Being Minnesota natives, they knew they had to come back to the Land of 10,000 Lakes for their big day. Dark wood touches and leafy greens were woven throughout their wedding for a peaceful, modern vibe. Faith is very important to the couple, and they found the perfect way to show that on their special day. Kelsey’s father built a triangular structure that represented the Holy Trinity and the life the couple is building together. The two were married directly in front of the structure. The wedding party wouldn’t have been complete without the bride’s corgi, Bonnie, who wore a leafy wreath around her neck that matched the one the bride wore in her hair.

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