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Achieve Countryside Chic Style with Modern Details in a Rustic Setting

A stylish update to barn weddings at the Cottage Farmhouse in Glencoe.
Emma Franke
A remote field during golden hour made for stunning photos of the bride and groom.

The remote Cottage Farmhouse in Glencoe is a former dairy barn, now run as a wedding venue by a mother-daughter team. For this styled wedding, planner Kelsey Freitag designed a modern take on the classic barn wedding. Bright florals, including a showstopping bouquet featuring magenta king proteas, accented a clean tablescape with contemporary touches like gold cultery and jewel-toned glassware. The brides' flowing gown from Diamond Bride had delicate appliques with bright texture. The many hidden spots around the farm made for treasured photos, and the setting sun left a golden haze on the entire scene.

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