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Rainbow Brights: The Mrs. Box Revives the Ring Box

Becky Kazana

How did the ring box become so blah, so boring? What a shame for something that holds such treasures. Enter, then, The Mrs. Box, which gives those lackluster black boxes a serious upgrade into a rainbow of vibrant hues.

Summer Ball, designer and blogger at Grey Likes Weddings, has created a line of vintage-inspired boxes to showcase your engagement ring, and Megan Gonzalez of MaeMae & Co. is the Minnesota talent behind the ring box’s beautiful branding.

“It’s all about the colors,” says Gonzalez. “These are all vintage French velvets, so once the color is gone, that’s it.” You heard the lady—don’t wait to get the perfect shade to complement your big day. We love them as a luxurious prop for your wedding day photographs.

Order your Minnesota Bride Wedding Box HERE!

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