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Wedding Day Blessing

Kathryn & Stephen's wedding was truly golden featuring an al fresco ceremony surrounded by the vibrant colors of fall and a magnificent sunset.
Audrey Pickering

As in many modern love stories, Kathryn Uhlendorf and Stephen Hahneman found each other through the dating app Bumble. Casual sports chat and meeting up at Cowboy Jack’s at a friend’s birthday led to a proposal a few years later. On the couple’s third anniversary of dating, Kathryn came home to find their apartment covered in rose petals and candles. She was even more surprised when decorations she thought were for their anniversary were instead for Stephen’s proposal. The couple celebrated their marriage on a sunny October day with socially distanced family and friends. Sadly, Stephen had lost his mother, Kimberly, to breast cancer the year before their wedding; she had often mentioned she’d come back as a cardinal, and seeing a cardinal would mean she was near. Stephen and Kathryn say she manifested more often as an eagle, however, as the couple had many otherworldly encounters with eagles in the months preceding their wedding. No cardinals were spotted during their special day, but at sunset, as the couple walked hand in hand to the lake, an eagle flew over. “For us, it was Kimberly, giving us her blessing.”

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