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Wedding Bouquets Live on with the Help of The Heirloom Bouquet

Allyson Reedy

It’s possible that no one knows what brides want better than wedding photographers do. After all, they’re the ones who painstakingly work with couples to ensure that every detail of their wedding is beautifully captured. So it’s no surprise that wedding photographer Jaimee Morse is behind the genius new idea that turns wedding bouquets into fine art heirlooms.

“I kept hearing from so many brides that they were so upset to spend so much money on their floral to just throw it away at the end of the night,” Morse says of the inspiration for her company, the Heirloom Bouquet. “From there I did some research on bridal bouquet preservation and found that everything available was severely outdated.”

Here’s how it works: Morse artfully arranges the exact blooms from your bouquet and photographs them. Those flowers can come directly from your actual bouquet, or more often, Morse re-sources the same floral from your original bouquet. Each flower is labeled with custom calligraphy by Minneapolis-based Shasta Bell. The piece is then printed (with a custom-framing option) and sent to the bride. Voilà: a gorgeous piece of art that perfectly preserves your bouquet.

“I’ve always been in love with shooting floral, whether that be the centerpieces or the bride’s bouquet, and I’ve been in love with gardening and growing flowers, so the Heirloom Bouquet is the culmination of all of my favorite things,” she says.

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