Ruffles and Frills: Fanciful Wedding Cakes

Written by
Caitlin Crees


Spring/Summer 2014

(far left) This dainty two-tier cake from Queen of Cakes is perfectly dressed in lavender fondant encircled with a layer of rosettes. The voluminous ruffles look like they’ve come right off a wedding gown, effortlessly balanced by a smooth top tier. A ladylike bow around the middle features a delicate scallop detail and expertly handled fondant that looks just like a real satin ribbon. Designer Megan Bignell suggests a delicate flavor to complement the shape; try their signature pink Champagne cake with triple-berry mousse filling for a celebratory feel.

(second from left) In this cake design, four square fondant-covered tiers are adorned with an extravagant ruffle of roses in ballet-slipper pink. Simple ivory ribbons add polish any ballerina (or bride) would love. The rhinestone and pearl embellishments are a sentimental touch; designer Janan Juliff of the Cake Diva included heirloom pieces from her grandmother’s jewelry collection to add a little sparkle. She loves to take inspiration from other wedding-day details, from invitations to flowers. “It is such a fantastic collaboration of artistic elements, which makes each wedding cake unique,” she says.

(center) This cake shines with a subtle color gradation from vivid coral to cherry-blossom pink to white. The team of designers at Sweet Retreat wanted to create a cake that had the texture of real fabric, so each ruffle was carefully hand-sculpted and gilded with edible gold. The width of the three tiers varies only slightly, for a cake that makes a statement without shouting. Designer Sarah Bauman says the best part of her job is gathering inspiration to highlight the couple “in the most delicious way possible.”

(second from right) The square tiers on this Patisserie 46 cake make an ideal canvas for a riot of yellow dahlias, peonies and garden roses, all handcrafted from fondant. The crisp gray accents add a clean, contemporary feel, while the yellow flowers are unabashedly romantic. Height is one of designer Mary Moy’s signatures, and ribbon-covered risers between each layer draw the eye to the detail and artistry of each handmade petal.

(far right) Go ahead and show off with a cake adorned in a flounce of feathers. This cake from 3 Tiers features a glittering peacock reimagined in shades of pink. A ribbon detail accents each tier, and the fondant feathers have a little shimmer, thanks to edible luster dust. Designer Sarah Herr reminds brides: “Let the cake, and all the day’s details, accent your personalities.” Such a fancy cake should taste as good as it looks; she suggests a genoise cake soaked with Grand Marnier and a lemon curd filling.