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Highest-viewed Weddings of 2017

Caitlin Crees

As the year comes to a close we like to look back at some of the wonderful weddings that we have been able to share over the past twelve months on There is no way that we could ever choose our favorites from all the beaming couples and lovely details - so we've left it up to you, our readers! We dug into the analytics to find out which weddings you were absolutely loving this year and we've rounded up the highest-viewed here. We're including ten weddings that were featured in 2017, and we're also including two all-time favorites (these two weddings have been in the top ten highest viewed every single year since they were posted on the site, so it's safe to say they're two of our most popular weddings ever featured!). We hope you enjoy taking a second look at these beautiful events as much as we did; we can't wait to see what the new year brings!

1. Lauren + Hans

2. Abby + Jake

3. Laura + John

4. Lyndsey + Blake

5. Lindsay + Ben

6. Caitie + Calvin

7. Sarah + Chad

8. Kate + Adam

9. Leah + Tanner

10. Samantha + Jacob

All-time Highest Viewed: Tiffany + Everson

All-time Highest Viewed: Cara + Laura