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Off the Wall: Customizable Boxwood Decor

Take your wedding outside the box with decorative, customizable Boxwood Walls.

“This is a case of necessity being the mother of invention,” says Carly Van Veldhuizen, owner of Girl Friday, a design studio specializing in creating unique atmospheres and offering custom rentals for weddings and events. Van Veldhuizen was looking for a freestanding wall system for a client’s wedding, but she just wasn’t finding what she needed. Most of the existing greenery backdrop options, a burgeoning trend, were “too small, too short, too lightweight or too expensive,” she says.

Luckily, when her quest hit the wall, she decided to go for it and make her own boxwood walls. “It worked better, and it was a better product,” Van Veldhuizen says.

The walls, which can be used separately or pushed together to create a seamless backdrop, are a modern choice for escort card displays, family remembrance walls, ceremony backdrops, signage (think an end-of-the-night thank-you or a great showcase for ceremony programs) and so much more.

“My favorite way to use them is always the next way we’re going to use them!” Van Veldhuizen says. “We love reimagining them for our clients.”

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