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Country Wedding in Marshall, Minnesota

The couple shared a rustic ceremony and reception in Marshall, MN which beautifully highlighted both family's heirlooms and traditions.
updated 8/23/19
First Dance in Marshall Minnesota

Wedding Date: June 24, 2017

Honeymoon: Mini-moon at the North Shore

Ramy and Eric cultivated the strongest of bonds, taking root back before high school graduation and adding in long-distance for good measure. It’s no wonder they opted for a simplistic and rustic theme for their wedding, letting their love speak for itself. Their passion for the outdoors, as well as Eric’s farming background were highlighted in the soft florals of the bridesmaid dresses and their bouquets; Ramy’s held together by a piece of her mother’s wedding veil. Eric also honored his family by walking down the aisle wearing his late grandfather’s watch and tie clip. Ramy’s hidden cowboy boots were a stark but refreshing contrast to the traditional beading on her dress. The unity cross they braided during the ceremony was of Eric’s creation, a gorgeous pairing of faith and marital unity. The couple chose to film a Same Day Edit video to share with their guests after dinner, sharing how integral they all were to the couple’s big day.

eric + ramy | married from AJ Production Company on Vimeo.

Wedding Photography in Marshall Minnesota

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