Bridal Hair Beauty: 2015 Trends From Andria Johnson

A Master Hairstylist with Creative Beaute Agency Shares the 2015 Trends She's Dying For
Written by
LMFT Caitlin Crees

Bridal Trends 2015:

If we could only use one word to describe this year’s bridal trends, it would be airy. Take notes on these styles and see how you can incorporate them into your wedding day.


Why we love them: They are fairly simple to accomplish, provide endless amounts of detail and show off the subtle hue changes in our hair color.

Tips: If you are going to do a braid, do a braid. Add waves and volume to get a full and voluptuous effect.

(Emily Theisen Photography)


Why we love it: Not only will it make your hair look fuller, the light will catch the peaks and valleys to give the illusion of extra shine.

Tips: If you want an updo, add waves from the hairline to the midlengths. This will prevent your style from looking too severe.

(Jaimee Morse Photography)

Lengthy Locks

Why we love them: We’d like to reward you because chances are you have been taking vitamins and doing strength and shine treatments like your life depended on it, so why not show off all of that hard earned growth?

Tips: If your hair doesn’t typically hold curl well, you can add extensions on the day of to allow for extra density and staying power.

(Jessica Smith Photography)

Statement Pieces

Why we love them: A well placed hair accessory can add the perfect amount of balance, femininity and fancy.

Tips: Make sure that it truly completes your look and doesn’t overpower your dress. Also, the lighter the better-not only will this make it easier to pin into your hair, but your scalp will thank you later.

(Lauren Herreid Photography)


Why we love them: Beautiful, fresh flowers not only add a touch of romance to your commitment of love, but allows for less fussy hairstyles.

Tips: Pair with a chignon, sleek ponytail or lovely mess of curls for effortless beauty.




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