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Wine Country-Casual Wedding at Carlos Creek

Lindsay had been visiting Carlos Creek Winery for years, and once she and Hunter toured the grounds, they knew they had to have their wedding there.
Allyson Reedy
Lindsay and Hunter among the grapes at Carlos Creek Winery

Wedding: September 8, 2018

Honeymoon: Maui

Hunter Thorsen met Lindsay Thompson through his friend (and Lindsay’s cousin) at Minnesota State University Moorhead, and Hunter told his friend they were going to be cousins someday because he was going to marry Lindsay. He accomplished his mission when the couple were married in September at Carlos Creek Winery, a location that Lindsay has been visiting for years. “It has always been at the top of my list,” Lindsay says of the winery. “We knew straightaway after we toured the winery with the event planner that we had to get married at Carlos Creek. This place felt the most ‘us,’ and we wanted to share that experience with all of our family and friends.” Since the setting is already so naturally beautiful, they didn’t have to add much décor to their wine country-casual event. What the couple was most excited to see, however, was each other. “The highlight of our wedding day for both of us was definitely getting to see each other for the first time,” Lindsay says. “It was a very emotional first look.” Another highlight? Saying their vows and being declared husband and wife.

Party favors for Lindsay and Hunter's wedding at Carlos Creek Winery.

Lindsay and Hunter kiss at their Carlos Creek Winery wedding.

Lindsay and Hunter kiss at their Carlos Creek Winery wedding.

Lindsay and Hunter's cake at their Carlos Creek Winery wedding.

The tables at Lindsay and Hunter's Carlos Creek Winery wedding reception.

Lindsay and Hunter kiss as their wedding party looks on at Carlos Creek Winery.

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