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Outfitting the Mother-of-the-Bride (and Groom!)

Four local stores offer your mom and soon-to-be mother-in-law plenty of options for a glamorous big day outfit

Q. My mom is having a tough time finding a dress for my wedding. Do you know of any local shops with a variety of mother-of-the-bride outfits?

A. Fortunately, the Twin Cities is home to several stores packed with a variety of looks—fresh, traditional and unique—with something sure to appeal to your mother.

One option is dugo in Edina’s Galleria, which offers off-the-rack and customizable dresses and separates. “We’re experts at helping women work through their needs and wants,” says owner Nancy Shank. “Our favorite line is Marisa Baratelli. We can do special ordering with this line to the point where you can just about design your own dress.”

A second option, also in the Galleria, is Whymsy, which offers an ever-changing selection, says owner Karen Hughes. “The inventory changes quickly because most items are produced once and never cut again,” she says. “Several jewelry pieces are also one of a kind.” Hughes points to designs by Lee Anderson, in which all pieces are sold separately, as an example of custom options.

Another sure bet is Our Shop in Stillwater. “When we first started 13 years ago, mothers wanted to be in the background. Times have changed! Mothers are expressing their personalities at their child’s wedding,” says owner Carol Sudheimer, whose store carries designers like Jovani, Montage and Jade Couture. “Many who come to Our Shop haven’t worn a formal gown in years—or ever. We help select dresses in her comfort zone.”

If you’re looking for instant gratification, pop into Get Social by Glitz in the Mall of America. “With our vast inventory—we have more than 350 gowns on the floor—many mothers walk out with a gown,” says owner MaryAnne London. “We are a special-occasion boutique, similar to the days when sales associates actually assisted you in dressing rooms. It is not unusual to have more than one sales associate pulling gowns and ideas for each client,” says London.

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