Tutorial: Designing Your Own Floral Crown


Music festivals, Vogue, and Pinterest have all proved that floral crowns are still the accessory du jour. But it's the wedding industry that's leading the floral crown revival. Everyone from the bride to the flower girl are donning fresh blooms of all varieties, adding that extra touch of romance, femininity and enchantment to the day. One may think a few sprigs of greens and a bloom here and there is all it takes, but it’s much more than that. In fact, it takes a village to choose the best floral crown for your wedding day.    

Hairstylist and Makeup Artist Julie Swenson notes, "A common challenge for both brides and vendors is deciding on what type of floral crown is best. It takes a village to make this decision."

To address this challenge, Swenson assembled a dream team of vendors to produce a floral crown styled shoot that would provide a simple "how to" based on the expert opinions of a wedding gown specialist, a florist, a photographer and a hairstylist/makeup artist:

How to Choose the Best Floral Crown for Your Wedding Day

Right Crown For The Gown

To start, you'll want to choose a crown that complements your dress. Often times, if a dress is quite ornate, a simple and neutral toned floral crown is selected to enhance but not take away from the glamour of the gown. While on the other side of the spectrum, if the chosen bridal gown is simplistic and for the most part unadorned, then an oversized floral crown bursting with vibrant colors and an assortment of blooms will definitely not compete with the simple chic-ness of the gown.   

"Your wedding should be a reflection of your personal style, the floral crown can act as an extension of this!" - Amanda Kautt, Owner of L'Atelier Couture Wedding Gowns

Choose Your Blooms 

You'll want to speak to your florist about what flowers are long-lasting and will not wilt or wear from time and weather. First determine the purpose of the crown—will you be wearing it all day or just a portion of the day to capture some whimsical moments and photos? Some blooms that don't last long are sweet peas, poppies, and lilies. Petite blooms like spray roses, berries/greens, and jasmine are better choices. 

“I think it all comes down to personality. Are you bold and vibrant in character? If so, I suggest showcasing those traits with an unexpected and lush crown of vibrant blooms. Or, do you perhaps lean towards modest tradition? If so, a crown fitted with one type of neutral bloom, for instance—a cream peony or a wreath fashioned solely in foliage may be the best option to pay tribute to the simplistic tradition of the hair wreath.” -Jessica Leopold, Floral Designer

Finding Out if More (or Less) is Best

If you're going big and robust with your crown—go for it! But don’t forget to consult with your photographer and wedding planner to ensure it doesn't overpower your look in photos and the desired vibe of your wedding. Practically speaking, choosing a simple crown will be easier to wear all day and won't take away from the other details of the day, while an oversized and showy wreath might be perfect to wear for a smaller portion of the day, such as in out-door photos or first-look photos.   

"If possible, ask to be shown how to easily remove the crown if needed for an additional look for pictures! Floral crowns are beautiful but it's always nice to be able to remove it later on if you want to change your look, or for dancing!" -Jody Savage, Photographer

Pair With Your Hair

You'll want to make sure your crown is do-able with your wedding day hairstyle. 

"You can wear your hair up or down with a crown, just be sure that you can see that you have hair, otherwise you'll look like you've sprouted a garden on your head."  -Julie Swenson, Hairstylist, Makeup Artist and Educator

Consider all down with loose curls, or all up with soft pieces of hair left out to frame the face. A side braid or cascade is also a lovely choice for a soft, romantic, free-spirited style.




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