Beauty 101 from Minnesota's Top Beauty Professionals

Get a head start on your picture-perfect look with these hair and skincare recommendations from Minnesota’s top beauty professionals.


Minnesota Bride Fall/Winter 2022

Jessica Mae
Founder & creative director of WarPaint International Beauty Agency

Recommended product: 
Rejuvenique Oil Intensive ($105) 
The Rejuvenique Oil Intensive is incredibly versatile with over 100 uses! Here are my fave  ways to use it:
For hair: Use it is for weekly oil treatments. Apply to your scalp, massage in and comb through. Leave it on overnight and wash it out in the morning. The oil will balance the ph of the scalp creating the healthiest environment for hair to grow. 
For skin: Apply as your last step to your night time skincare regimen. The oil contains tons of anti-aging properties and will give you a hydrated, flawless glow.


Kayla VanderZiel 
Founder of Ziel Bridal

Recommended products: 
SkinCeuticals clarifying clay mask ($60), Skinceuticals Conditioning Toner ($35)
Sonia Roselli Beauty Water Balm Skin Prep ($52)
Malibu C treatment ($5) 
Moroccan oil Intensive or Lightweight hydrating mask ($42)

Recommended skincare: 
Exfoliate – Your skin cells turn over approximately every 27 days and even less as we age. Regular weekly exfoliation helps to clear those cells away, gets rid of rough, dry patches, and allows your skin to absorb your skincare products better, I highly recommend SkinCeuticals Clarifying Clay Mask for a weekly treatment or Skinceuticals Conditioning Toner for everyday use.
Moisturize – Sonia Roselli Beauty Water Balm is a 5-in-1 product that does it all –moisturizer, toner/serum, day cream, night cream, and makeup primer.  
More water intake – it plumps your skin and gives you an instant glow!

Recommended haircare: 
Get your hair cut 2-4 weeks before the wedding day. This will ensure your split ends are taken care of and give your hairstylist a beautiful shape to work with.
Use a clarifying treatment, like Malibu C treatment. These easy-to-use packets can be shipped to you and get rid of any buildup on your hair. With so many options, you’re sure to find one for your hair type blondes, swimmers, hard water, or scalp therapy. Or you can see your hairstylist for a professional clarifying treatment.
Follow up with a deep conditioning or repair mask. If you have dry hair, some at-home deep conditioning treatments are just what you need. I highly recommend the Moroccan oil Intensive or Lightweight hydrating mask. On towel-dried hair, comb through and let sit for 5-7 minutes.  It’s seriously magic. However, if you have damaged hair, the only option is to cut off the damage. If you don’t, your split ends will keep traveling up your hair shaft. 

Jessi Wassgren
Stylist & Makeup Artist/ Co-owner of SISU Beauty & Co

Recommended products: 
SkinCeuticials C E Ferulic® With 15% L-Ascoribic Acid ($169)
K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask ($75)
Cubica 7-DAY Shampoo, ($34),

Recommended care: 
Schedule a hair/makeup trial a month or two before the big day to go over what to do (and not to do) leading up to the wedding. 
Don’t use anything different the week before the wedding in case you have a sensitivity to a new product. Start new hair/skincare a few weeks prior to get the best results. This includes lash extensions – you won’t want an allergic reaction to the glue the day before your wedding. 
A vitamin C serum is great for every skin type and will give your skin a great glow. A good twice a day cleanser is also a must. Lotions vary a lot depending on skin condition but Cerave has good daily moisturizers for all skin types.
Make an appointment for dermaplaning the week leading up to the wedding to create a smooth canvas for your makeup.
Face/eye masks the morning of the wedding are not recommended because they can sometimes be greasy and they don’t allow for a good foundation for makeup to set on.
Starting a good haircare regimen a month or two before the wedding is always helpful. The day of your wedding, come to your appointment with clean, blow dried hair – the “dirty hair holds curl better” is an old wives’ tale. 

Karli Hughes
Lead Hair & Makeup Artist/Owner of Everthine Beauty Co. 

Recommended products: 
Sonia Roselli Ageless Beauty

Right now, I’m in love with everything Sonia Roselli! The Ageless Beauty line is perfect for everyday use or for special events since it can be used alone or under makeup.