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Spring Trends to Set Your Wedding Apart

Expert planners, designers, and florists give insight into this Spring's hottest wedding trends in Minnesota.
Emily Sweet

The past year has been a whirlwind of uncertainties and unexpected changes, especially for the wedding industry. Planning a wedding in normal times is always a daunting task - and in a global pandemic, it’s sure to be even crazier. But weddings have found new ways to adapt, allowing the timeless celebration of love to prevail. Whether it is color palettes, floral arrangements, or guest lists, this season’s expert wedding planners, designers, and florists have weighed in on the hottest spring trends to make your wedding a showstopper. From neutral tones to intimate gatherings, these ideas are sure to spark inspiration and set your wedding apart from the crowd.

Getting Back to Our Roots 

For owner of Camrose Hill, florist Cindie Sinclair, this season is all about embracing nature. Utilizing earthy color schemes of flowers and grasses (think Terra Cotta, Blush, Cinnamon, Apricots) is a surefire way to embrace this season’s focus on the outdoors. “Flower arrangements and wedding bouquets are trending toward a natural, wild-style look. A trend where, as a florist, I let the materials be my guide - and let the bend of a flower stem or nodding bloom inspire the design of a bouquet. Natural tendrils of branches and greens flail out of bouquets in imitation of Nature’s Wild Beauty. Perfectly Imperfect,” stated Sinclair. Connecting to nature is a great way to give your wedding the perfect picturesque touch and center the focus on natural beauty. As Sinclair said, “Nature-inspired weddings bring us back to our roots - what can be more sacred than getting married under the canopy of nature?” 

Mixing and Matching Colors: From Warm Palettes to Dynamic Combinations 

Spring weddings are sure to embrace nature with warm color palettes and classic floral selections. For Katie Husboe, owner of Abloom the hottest weddings this season are sure to utilize warm colors and a natural feel. “A trend this 2021 wedding season is warm color palettes that are still neutral. We've noticed brides embracing more color this season. From a flower perspective, there are many soft-toned flowers to choose from that are romantic and timeless.” No matter the location, warm colors are sure to compliment spring and give your wedding a dreamy backdrop. 

While warm colors embody the springtime feel, Wedding Manager for the St. James Hotel, Abby Hanson, encourages brides to explore bolder color combinations this season. “Dynamic color palettes are in. Don’t be afraid to mix and match.” Against the blooming backdrop of springtime, dynamic colors are sure to make your wedding pop. 

Embracing the Outdoors: Lakeside Weddings

With beautiful weather and breathtaking views, lakeside weddings are all the rage this season. “From freshly picked bouquets to open-air ceremonies, spring is a very magical time for a lakeside Minnesota wedding. We look forward to seeing the soft color palettes on the bridesmaids, complemented by exciting spring floral arrangements,” said Marc Anderson, the Visual Media Manager of the Lafayette Club. With a stunning backdrop and natural floral arrangements, lakeside weddings are sure to set the tone for a harmonic and relaxing experience.

Intimate Weddings are Here to Stay 

Set in the pandemic, the last year's events have embraced smaller gatherings, and many experts believe this trend is here to stay. For Owner and Lead Planner of Events by Melody, Melody Hall, a small event is a great way to focus on maximizing the details for you and your guests to enjoy. "Small and intimate weddings may have gained popularity during the pandemic, but they're here to stay! Couples are opting for smaller guest counts and instead putting their money into the guest experience. Since they're ultimately spending less money on food and beverage, this opens up more wiggle room in the budget to splurge on personal touches. Some couples are splurging on flowers and even end up hiring a videographer very last minute to capture their special day. A smaller guest count is allowing couples to reimagine their wedding day and make the best of the situation," Hall said. 

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