Spotlight: Tulle Tuxedo Wedding Dance

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Meet Caitlin Camarda, the creative force behind the award-winning dance studio
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Laura Cross

As the driving force behind Tulle Tuxedo Wedding Dance, Caitlin Camarda inspires couples to step into their happily ever after with confidence, style and a touch of dance magic. Her passion for storytelling through movement and her dedication to creating unforgettable wedding dances has positioned Tulle Tuxedo Wedding Dance as the most popular wedding dance studio in Minnesota. In a recent interview, we had the opportunity to chat with Caitlin about how she got her start and the driving force behind this award-winning business.

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MB: Tell us about your background and what inspired you to open your own dance studio.
CC: I grew up LOVING to dance! Even though I have a background in a variety of styles (including ballet, jazz, hip hip and more!), I have spent my professional career teaching and competing in ballroom & Latin dance. I even gained the title ‘Minnesota Salsa Champion’! Through teaching all sorts of ages and levels through the years, I found that I really enjoyed creating special and unique dances for couples getting married. I was inspired from watching my parents, U.S. Ballroom Champions, perform show dances - it was like telling a love story through music and dance. That’s what inspired me to create Tulle Tuxedo; to help couples express their love story through their first dance.

MB: What does your studio offer in terms of wedding dance instruction? 
CC: We offer customized packages for first dance, father-daughter dance, mother-son dance and ballroom dance lessons for the wedding reception. In addition to choreography, we offer performance coaching which is a crucial part of preparation. Most couples are total beginners, so we help them feel prepared and ready. Performing in front of friends and family can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before.

MB: Why should a couple choreograph a first dance, as opposed to winging it? 
CC: If the idea of "winging it" makes the couple uncomfortable, I invite them to try dance lessons as it’ll help them gain the necessary skills to feel more prepared and confident.

MB: Tell us about your process working with a couple. How involved is the couple?
Beyond the basic steps, we’ll give them options to customize moves throughout the dance. This way they can really feel the dance is unique to them and matches their vision for their dream dance. Our approach is for the dance to look and feel natural so we’ll share tips and techniques that’ll make them look like they’ve been dancing for years.

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MB: What part of the process do couples typically reach out to you, and how often should they come in for lessons? 
CC: I’ve had couples excitedly reach out immediately after getting engaged all the way to panic mode a week before their wedding. But for the smoothest process, I recommend starting to prepare your dance no later than 2-3 months before your wedding date. 

MB: What advice would you give to couples when choosing a first dance song? 
CC: If you're stuck on a couple song options, share the songs with your dance instructor. They can explain what the dance would be like, which will help you figure out which song will best suit your vision. 

MB: What expert tip do you have for couples performing their first dance?
CC: Dancing is organic and in the moment. If any missteps take place, you’ll have an easier time smoothing them out if you stay connected and move together. Also, look at each other! You’ll get better dance photos if you do this, trust me. 

MB: What is the most memorable of your business career so far? 
CC: My most memorable moment was winning the Minnesota Bride’s Best of Award for Dance Instruction. I worked really hard to stand out against bigger businesses that had been around for years - but thanks to the votes of my clients and wedding friends, I won!

MB: What do you love to do in your spare time? 
CC: Big surprise - I dance! It’s meditative for me as I get to release energy and be creative. I also love to travel. My husband (who’s from Italy) is the best travel companion whether it be somewhere in Europe or roadtripping up to Northern Minnesota.

MB: Do you have a final piece of advice for couples looking to explore dance lessons?
CC: What I’ve seen couples love most about learning to dance is they enjoy the preparation as much as performing the actual dance. Couples come in for their weekly lesson and treat it like a date night, which is a nice break from the stress of wedding planning. PLUS, dance is a skill they can use for life!

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For those eager to embark on their wedding dance journey, you can connect with Tulle Tuxedo Wedding Dance on Instagram at @tulletuxedo, explore their offerings on their website here, or reach out via email at

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