Say Goodbye To Winter Skin Woes

Soothe your dry winter skin with a variety of products from Bella Virtue Organics.
Written by
Audrey Pickering


Minnesota Bride Fall/Winter 2021

Winter in the northern latitudes can be especially hard on the skin, which is the last thing a bride wants to think about before her wedding day. Claire Powell, owner of Bella Virtue Organics in St. Paul, provides a variety of products made from organic, clean ingredients, specially created to help moisturize and soothe very dry skin exposed to harsh, winter conditions. Rhassoul Clay & Rose Rejuvenating Mask is made with rare rhassoul clay, found only in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, where people have been using it for over 900 years to help purify their skin. It not only removes toxins from the skin for a deep clean, but contains nourishing minerals that help reduce the appearance of lines and pores.

Moisturizing Radiance Facial Serum is massaged into the face before a moisturizer to replenish and deeply moisturize with nourishing safflower oil. Clary sage essential oil helps calm redness and irritation and immortelle oil helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. Intense Hydrating Cream is a thick, rich moisturizing cream made with shea butter to soften the skin and deeply moisturize, with a├žai extract for powerful antioxidants; add to that a soothing lavender oil and immortelle for a great night cream so you can wake up with restored and hydrated skin.