Red Carpet Wedding Day Makeup

How a media makeup artist can transform your wedding day look

Imagine this for your wedding day: you wake up the day of and get to leisurely get ready for the biggest day of your life with a mimosa morning and your very own makeup artist, rather than rushing off to a million appointments and feeling stressed out before the event has even begun. Refreshing isn’t it?

What Brides Want
Most brides want to look like themselves on their wedding day, just the best version of themselves. Perhaps you are worried about successfully doing it yourself (whether you lack product knowledge or don’t wear makeup often), or about having someone else do it even though you haven’t worked with them before, or maybe about just simply not getting the result you want. 

If this is you, consider hiring a media makeup artist to bring their design and application expertise to your day–they will take away all the stress and pamper you with star treatment along the way.

What Makes Media Makeup Artists Different
Media makeup artists are artists heavily trained in makeup and hair, and work in such mediums as: film, commercial, print (photography), theatre, bridal, music videos, airbrushing, high definition, tattoo cover, and special effects to name a few. These artists are trained in the most current products and techniques to achieve a desired look and are able to bring those production techniques to the bridal industry, like trendy vintage hair designs. 

These are applications that are meant to withstand heat, tears, perspiration, hours of wear, and wind, and are looks that are determined by what the client wants in both makeup and hair. 

Your media makeup artist will spend many hours collaborating with you on things such as verbal consultations, artistic renderings of your palette colors, trial-run applications to get things perfected, and then of course, coming on-site on a schedule that works for you on the day of your wedding to take care of your (and your bridal party’s) look. 

Sneak Peak
Here are just some of the aspects the bridal makeup look a media makeup artist can create:
{1} Contouring It is importance that you create a flawless canvas on which to work.  Creating appropriate highlights and shadows will influence the mood of your look and enhance your natural structure.
{2} Luminosity Too many mistakes have been made in with self-applying bronzers or shimmers. Brides should have a dewy, luminescent look, with correct bronzing to give the right appearance of shape for photographs, but without being overdone. (We should have zero umpa-lumpa brides walking our aisles.)
{3} Texture Be it fine lines or acne scars, no one wants to bring attention to texture. Fine, shimmering mineral powders, tinted moisturizer as foundation, lack of proper moisturizing can all be culprits of giving negative attention to texture concerns.
{4} Palette Choose a palette that is based in classic neutrals to pull out structure and minimize imperfections. The quickest way to over-do your look is to jump onto a trend.  That doesn’t mean 10 out of 10 brides will have the same palette; it means that color should be an accessory–not a statement.
{5} Products Your media makeup artist will choose the correct products for your look and your skin. You might hear that lots of friends are loving a particular product (for example, mineral powder is big for regular folks right now), but your artist will assess the best products for the job. You can still have a light and worry-free look using cream bases or airbrushing, if your look calls for it. 
{6} Lashes The key to good lashes is to simply thicken and slightly extend your natural lash line.  Lashes are custom designed to create a natural fringe–none of this musical theatre stuff.
{7} Explanation Your media makeup artist will ask you for your input and explain the design and application along the way so that you are experiencing this process, rather than having it happen to you. No longer are the days of feeling like you want to sink into the chair when the stylist asks, “What do you think?”

Brett Dorrian is a seasoned freelance Minnesota media makeup artist offering makeup and hair design to private clients and production companies. She welcomes new client inquiries, but is also available as a resource. Contact her at or 651.253.3559.