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Jewel-Toned Wedding Draws Inspiration From Autumn Backdrop

Brent and Lexi said "I do" in an elegant ceremony.
Audrey Pickering

“I may have set you up on a blind date ...” Those words ignited the relationship between Lexi Bunger and Joseph “Brent” Sanders. Lexi, a NICU nurse, was introduced to Brent by a former co-worker whose husband worked with Brent. The pair hit it off and survived two years of long-distance dating before they settled in Minnesota. Brent proposed at her parents' house, but wanted to make it a little more unpredictable. Brent, Lexi and her family were playing Yahtzee and enjoying pizza. When it was Lexi’s turn to roll the dice, she discovered a surprising new token: a sparkling ring. Brent quickly followed up with an emotional proposal that had everyone in tears. The couple had a September wedding glowing with jewel tones that highlighted the autumnal theme beautifully; they chose to have a smaller wedding with 57 guests. A family member officiated, and though the couple had written their vows, Brent ditched his at the last moment and improvised an even more heartfelt speech. The night ended with the big, joyful party Lexi had always dreamed of.

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