Five Tips to Get Your Skin Wedding Ready

Our go-to beauty gal shares her top advice to clear those pimples and smooth your skin.

Our beauty guru Angie Swerdlick, a Medical Aesthetician and Laser Specialist at Medispa Minnetonka Lifetime, shares her top five tips to getting your skin glowing in time for your wedding day.

  • Plan Ahead I suggest setting up a consultation and facial with an
    esthetician right away. Allow the esthetician to analyze and get to work with
    your skin. From there they can truly recommend what type of program and
    products are going to get you the best results desired. Research and find an experienced esthetician. Just like a
    hairstylist, they are not all the same. Find someone who has experience working
    with your skin care concerns.
  • Regular Routine Once you have your plan, now you have to be diligent and do
    your regular routine. Stick to it so it can actually work. Avoid new products,
    makeup, and even hair products a month prior to just to be safe. Hopefully this
    will help avoid the dreaded wedding day pimple. But keep in mind stress creates
    havoc on our skin. So if one does pop up, take a hot compress to reduce the
    inflammation, follow up with a cold compress and a good spot treatment product
    to help kill any bacteria.
  • Timing The last thing you want is a reaction, irritation or
    redness.  Start a series of treatments six
    months prior to the big day and your skin will surely be luminous. If that
    isn’t possible, start when you can, but anytime starting a new facial treatment
    I recommend at least one month prior to the wedding.
         Many brides or mothers of the brides want to do some botox and
    fillers before. Make sure to plan those a few weeks in advance in case there is
    any bruising that can sometimes occur.
         Don’t forget about the importance of an eyebrow and lip wax.
    But remember after waxing you can be red, or sometimes get little bumps from
    inflamed follicles. Planning one week in advance is typically ideal.
  • Stress The effects of stress on our skin are tremendous. Learn ways
    to manage the stress that may come with planning a wedding. Start a yoga
    practice and take advantage of those facials as time for you to relax and
    de-stress. Learn to delegate and/or utilize a wedding planner to lighten your
    load. Planning ahead and sticking to a routine as mentioned above should really
    help avoid any flare ups in the skin as well as relieve stress.
  • Diet Even though I am sure most brides are on a “diet”, that is
    not what I am referring to. Make sure to be eating nutritious foods for the
    skin. Eat plenty of anti-inflammatory foods such as antioxidants, whole grains,
    leafy greens/vegetables, and healthy fats like nuts, fatty-fish, and avocados.
    Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. It will help the skin stay hydrated as
    well as flushing toxins from your system. Our skin is an eliminatory organ, so
    if it doesn’t agree with what is happening internally, it will reflect

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Angie Swerdlick is a Medical Aesthetician and Laser Specialist at Medispa Minnetonka Lifetime. No membership is needed to visit the spa, where you can receive two hours of free childcare and are allowed to utilize the diamond level club for the entire day. Angie takes a holistic, practical approach to skincare regimes that fit in anyone's schedule and budget. We love her and you will too. Say hello to her directly here.