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Doggy Social MN Makes It Easier to Include Your Four-legged Friends on Your Big Day

Including your dog in your wedding just got a little less ruff.
Allyson Reedy - updated 9/9/19
Doggy Social MN Weddings

For many couples, it’s not an exaggeration to say that their dogs are the true wedding day VIPs (Very Important Pets, of course). But with all the big-day hullaballoo, who’s going to tend to Fido?

Enter Lara Leinen and her company, Doggy Social MN. She takes care of everything so you—and your best friends and family—can enjoy the wedding without having to worry about potty breaks and potential cake-eating disasters.

“I wanted to provide a service for every couple out there dreaming of having their fur-babe involved on their wedding day,” Leinen says. “We plan in advance with the couple how they want their pup to be involved, and then we make it happen the day of.”

Leinen does everything from chauffeuring the pups to venues to getting them dressed to helping them down the aisle to making sure they get plenty of walks throughout the day. She even captures behind-the-scenes photos of your doggie’s wedding-day journey, so you can see it all through their eyes.

Doggy Social MN Weddings

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