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With This Burger, I Thee Wed

Calling all burger lovers! Blue Door Pub brings the beef to your wedding.

As any good carnivore knows, the Blue Door Pub serves up some of the best burgers around. Think inside the bun and show off their iconic Blucys to your out-of-town guests with Blue Door’s beefed-up wedding catering (pun fully intended).

“I remember talking through the possibility of our first wedding when owners Pat and Jeremy excitedly said, ‘I can’t believe they want Blue Door at their wedding!’ ” says Molly Shields, director of Blue Door’s catering and events. “It’s truly an honor to be included in something as important as a wedding.”

Both full-size and mini slider Blucys are available for events; the minis are especially popular, as guests can taste test multiple flavors. Want something unique? Make your own Blucy creation using your favorite ingredients as inspiration.

“We have a blast coming up with our ‘I Do’ Blucys," Shields says.

Blue Door’s catering doesn’t stop at burgers, either; their wing bar is a great cocktail add-on, and their kitchen has come up with everything from lobster mac ’n’ cheese to caprese salad skewers.

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