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Booze Traveler: Mobile Drinks Are the Next Wedding Trend

Move over food trucks, the mobile drink trend is here.
Allyson Reedy - updated 8/22/19
Minnesota Booze Truck Hitch & Sip

Food trucks? Been there, ate that. The new mobile trend at weddings is a little more, well, spirited. Wine and cocktail trucks bring the bar to your event in a unique way, and Minnesota has two new ones rolling through the state.

The Tiny Tap
Trevor Pearson and Colin Mihm got the idea for their prosecco truck, called The Tiny Tap, while traveling through Europe.

“We love prosecco and champagne anyway, and we thought it would be a great thing to bring to the States, especially when we did a little research and realized there weren’t any in the country,” says Pearson, whose background is in the events industry. “We both love to host parties and entertain friends and family, so we thought it would be a great fit for us.”

The Tiny Tap pours the sparkly wine from a wood-paneled white truck staffed by a licensed bartender. Couples can even gussy up the vivacious little vehicle with floral arrangements and make their drinks extra-personal with special glass flutes and custom monogram vinyl decals.

Since launching last September, the response to has been so great that the guys are working on building out trucks No. 2 and 3 for the upcoming wedding season.

“People love the concept, the aesthetics, the clean look and the small size. ‘It’s so cute!’ is usually the response we get, and it doesn’t get old hearing it,” Pearson says.

Hitch & Sip
Hitch & Sip introduced its mobile bar last spring. The locally renovated 1970s horse trailer is both super-adorable and super-loaded. The experienced bartenders can mix up pretty much anything you dream of, and prices, which start at $500 for the rental, are comparable to a more traditional bar.

“We have had a wonderful response to the Hitch & Sip,” says Jill Hamilton, marketing director for A’BriTin Catering and Hospitality, which started Hitch & Sip. “Guests snap photos with it and inquire about its origin. It has been enjoyed by all of our clients so far, along with the venues that have showcased this one-of-a-kind bar on wheels.”

It’s been so well-received, in fact, that they’ve purchased a second trailer and plan to create a full-on cocktail trailer fleet to take over the world. Or at least rule fun Minnesota weddings.

Minnesota Booze Truck The Tiny Tap
Booze Tap

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