10 Sweet Dessert Ideas for Your Wedding That Don’t Include Cake

Think outside the cake box with these creative treats your guests will love.

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While certain wedding traditions live on, others are being replaced by couples choosing to add a more personal touch. Why not wow your guests with something unique on your big day? Dessert is the perfect opportunity to do that. Let's not sugar-coat it, maybe cake just isn't your thing. Or maybe it is, and your serious sweet tooth would like to include a few extra treats. Here are some of our favorite non-traditional dessert ideas:

1.​ ​Milk and Cookies

Nothing beats a cookie-cutter cake quite like a stack of cookies and a glass of milk. The cookies will satisfy each guests’ sweet tooth, while the glass of milk gives them a refreshing boost for the night’s festivities.

2.​ ​Doughnuts

Because who doesn’t love fried dough and sweet frosting? Choose doughnuts decorated with your wedding color palette to make an adorably delicious centerpiece at each table. Guests will have a hard time mustering up the willpower to save them until after dinner.

3.​ ​Ice Cream Sundaes

Reception spaces can get hot as the night goes on and the dancing starts. Cool down with a refreshing ice cream sundae. Create a sundae bar for guests to make their own and choose their toppings.

4.​ ​Pie

Celebrate with a seasonal fruit pie, or the always-in-season chocolate! This homespun dessert is sure to be a hit with your guests.

5.​ ​Macarons

No trend is as delicious as a good macaron. A gorgeous, stacked macaron ‘cake’ in your wedding’s color palette serves as both décor and dessert.

6.​ ​Pancakes

A tall stack of flapjacks is the perfect sweet snack after the wedding dinner. Drizzle on maple syrup, chocolate, fruit, and more!

7.​ ​Milkshakes

Milkshakes are refreshing, sweet and satisfying: just what your guests need after a filling meal. Get them ready for a long night of dancing with a light dessert.

8.​ ​Dessert Bars

Choose your favorite dessert bars - from brownies, peanut butter bars, cookies, Special K bars, and more. Make it a variety stack, so each guest gets exactly the treat they’re craving.

9.​ ​Pastries

Dessert pastries are the perfect compromise between carbs and sugar. From cannolis to croissants, channel that corner bakery with a delectable selection for your guests.

10.​ ​Churros

Have you ever had churros at a wedding? We’re guessing your answer is probably no, making this the best dessert to knock the socks off your guests!

Why stick to traditional dessert though? There are many scrumptious foods that make a perfect post-dinner snack. Consider one of these more unexpected options:

1.​ ​Cheese "Cake"

Yes, we mean real cheese. Surprise your guests with towering blocks of cheese to be served with crackers and meat.

2.​ ​Pizza "Pie"

Not interested in having just cheese? Try adding some sauce and crust. Tiers of pan crust pizza are sure to make your guests more excited when dessert time rolls around.

3.​ ​Concession Snacks

Include popcorn, peanuts, hot dogs, fries, candy bars and more. Set a fun mood for the night with a concession snacks table that your guests can keep coming back to.

No matter what treats you go for, your guests are sure to be pleased, so don't be afraid to follow your cravings.

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