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6 Adorable Budget-Friendly Bridesmaid Gifts

After attending my fair share of weddings, I've come to realize how much I absolutely love bridesmaids. After oogling over the bride and groom, I tend to spend a good part of every ceremony looking at the bridal party and thinking about all of the constant love and support they've shown for the bride-- before and after she met her husband-to-be. For that, they all deserve a [big] 'thank you'. 

Bridesmaid Gifts are the ultimate show of appreciation and I think every bride loves having the opportunity to do a little something special for the amazing women in her life. Unfortunately, adding presents to the already long list of wedding expenses can be overwhelming and seeking out budget-friendly options is time-consuming. So, in an effort to save you precious time and money, we're sharing 6 bridesmaid gifts that we absolutely adore. They're sentimental, practical and budget-friendly because saying 'thank you' shouldn't have to mean breaking the bank.

the best and most adorable bridesmaid gifts at every budget

1. Pinch Mini-Emergency Kit ($18) 

These adorable 'survival kits' are jam-packed with every essential your bridesmaids possibly could need. With things like hairspray, earring backs, bobby pins, and deoderant wipes all packaged in a super cute mini-case, they'll be able to discreetly bring the kit along and enjoy the night 100% stress-free. 

2. Sydney Evan BFF Necklace ($125)

This gorgeous 14K gold plated sterling silver BFF necklace from Sydney Evan's affordable SHY collection is like an ode to the 'best friend' necklaces we all traded in elementary school and who doesn't love a little nostalgia? Plus, it's guaranteed to look stunning with bridesmaid dresses of any style and color. 

3. Friendship Gift Set ($43)

This 3-part gift set features a gorgeous candle and a luxurious bar of soup that can sit beautifully atop a glass tray printed with the words of Albert Camus; "Just walk beside me and be my friend"-- the perfect sentiment for the ladies who've been by your side through it all. 

4. Fig + Yarrow Pink Himalayan Bath Salts ($32)

For the bridesmaid who loves to relax, these pink himalayan bath salts from are ideal. The soft, soothing aroma will alleviate tension while the himalayan salt improves mental clarity, promotes positive thoughts and increases energy. The perfect post-wedding detox! 

5. Peppina Open Heart Ring ($48)

When we saw this ring, we couldn't help but include two jewelry options. Not only is the open heart style is chic and flattering, it's also a testament to the open-ended love and friendship you'll continue to share with each of the women standing beside you on your big day. 

6. Personalized Bridesmaid Frame ($34)

They say that 'a picture is worth a thousand words' and framing a snapshot of you with the bridesmaids is the most personal way to showcase each unique friendship. After the wedding, they can continue adding new photos to the frame (with the previous ones stacked behind) and, in 10+ years you'll have a handful of memories that you can sift through and reflect on together. 

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