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I Love You A Latté: Wow Reception Guests With a Custom Espresso Bar

Caitlin Crees

I for one am a pretty big fan of the burgeoning craft coffee revolution. Now more than ever there are several options for a quality latté or pour over, as new shops devoted to high standards continue to open and thrive. Personally I can't imagine planning a wedding without including a coffee and espresso bar. Luckily, I don't have to!

With the demand for high quality coffee climbing, options for espresso catering are multiplying. This can create a delicious (and adorable) focal point at your reception. If you're dying to offer your guests a Cappucino Italiano or 12 oz. Costa Rica pour, there are a few different ways to go about it.

First, check with your caterer or reception venue. Especially in the cities, many sites will offer this option. If not, you will need to get a little more creative. Many coffee slingers now offer their espresso services on the go. Contact your nearest specialized coffee caterer (listed below) and you will be able get a machine and designated professional barista(s) to create hand-crafted beverages for you and your guests. Bonus: Almost all of these talented folks execute beautiful latté art, a big hit with beverage recipients that will offer some charming photo ops.  

You can also check with your barista about creating a custom flavor for you and your beloved, much like a signature cocktail. Try lavender/vanilla for spring, honey/cinnamon for something sweet, or ask your professional for ideas.

Photos by: Ariel Renae Photography

Photos by: Redfield Photography

Espresso Caterers in the Twin Cities Area:

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