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Handmade, Handheld: Fabric and Jeweled Wedding Bouquets

Unique ways to show your personal style!
updated 9/4/19

Brides looking to make a statement are tossing the traditional floral bouquet. In place of petals, arrangements boast embellishments such as jewelry, fabric, feathers, ribbons, buttons, paper and more. As a bonus, they won’t wilt, so they can be treasured long after they’re carried down the aisle. A couple local designers have a hand in the trend.

Old-World Glam (photo above)
As a young girl, Dawn Trappen, owner of Lyla Marie Gardens & Brooch Bouquets, reveled in the discovery of one-of-a-kind vintage accessories. Today, the floral designer’s passion for flowers and frills can be seen in her brilliant brooch bouquets. The ornamental arrangements, which often include 50 to 75 individual pieces, can also combine earrings, necklaces, other sentimental heirlooms and even real flowers.

Love the look, but you’re not sitting on a trove of antique accessories? Not to worry. While some brides gather their own embellishments, Trappen often shares the jewel-hunting task by visiting thrift shops, and rummage or estate sales. If you don’t need a custom-made piece, you can also find Trappen’s brooch bouquets at Brides of France in Edina and online.

Bride’s bouquets start at $595; if the bride gathers all pieces, prices start at $295. Prices vary based on material costs.

Twice the Reward (photo below)
Nonprofit gift store Art 2 Heart is giving socially conscious brides a fair-trade option for their wedding bouquets, partnering with Peruvian co-op Mostacillas de Fe to create custom, handmade vintage linen and lace bridal bouquets.

“Every bride is looking for beauty and artistry,” says artist and Art 2 Heart volunteer Jennifer Swift, the designer behind the bouquets. “Many brides are also socially aware, and the fact that their purchase really helps the women of Mostacillas de Fe is a huge incentive.”

To create the bouquets, Swift gathers vintage linens locally and sends the materials to Flores de Ville, Peru. There, the co-op’s 11 women hand-stitch the wire and fabric flowers to be used in bouquets, brooches and corsages.

Art 2 Heart works with brides to create the bouquet of their dreams. “We are really excited about the idea of including fabrics that have meaning to the bride, whether it’s part of her grandmothers’ Irish lace veil or her mother’s bridal gown,” says Swift.

One hundred percent of Art 2 Heart’s profits go to its ministry partners globally, providing opportunities to equip and empower artistic entrepreneurship around the world, including training and supplies for Mostacillas de Fe.

Bouquet samples are available at Art 2 Heart Gift Shop & Gathering Place in Hamel. They start at $150 and are custom-priced according to size, style and number of pieces.

Art 2 Heart wedding bouquet

Fabric and Jeweled Wedding Bouquets

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