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A Perfect Match: Multi-Cultural Wedding Celebration at Hewing Hotel

Anna and Abel's wedding featured the most incredible views of the skyline.
Sherri Hildebrandt
Photo by La Vie Photography

WEDDING: January 25, 2020

First impressions are important, as Anna Ahart and Abel Sessofia can attest. The two matched on Tinder and had exchanged messages, but hadn’t met up. Then one night when they were each out at a bar with friends, Abel recognized Anna from her pictures, introduced himself, and the two went on their first date the next week. Two years later, they bought a house together, and before they moved in, Abel surprised Anna with a proposal there, amid rose petals and candles. Having their wedding at the Hewing was an easy decision: The couple had regularly enjoyed stopping for a nightcap after a night out, and they wanted a cozy place where everyone could gather and avoid January weather. Their most memorable moment was the first look on the rooftop of the Hewing, with the Minneapolis skyline behind them. “There was so much anticipation and excitement leading up to that moment,” Anna remembers, “that we felt like after that we could relax a little.” The day was full of fun, from getting ready with friends to the ceremony to photos with family and the bridal party, followed by “cocktail reception, dinner, and lots and lots of dancing and drinks!” Anna says. Instead of a photo booth, the couple hired an illustrator, so everyone got to take home a sketch of themselves. “Abel’s family is from Africa, so we had guests from all over the world. It was such a melting pot of people from different backgrounds and cultures, and it was beautiful to see everyone come together and celebrate our marriage!”

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