Modern Magic at Urban Daisy Event Space

From small and simple to large and intricate, Urban Daisy’s modern, industrial chic venue can accommodate a broad array of visions.
Written by
Carolyn Henkle


Minnesota Bride Spring/Summer 2022

The Knights — mom Amy and daughters Madeline and Kalley — are the masterminds behind Urban Daisy Event Space. Their philosophy: provide hospitality and harmony for guests — or rather, members of the Urban Daisy family. The space, which opened last year, is designed for brides, grooms and families to cherish life’s special moments. With two signature suites where couples can get ready and a separate kids’ space, they aim to make your event stress-free. Retracting garage doors let in plenty of sunlight, while live trees, wall planters and the signature daisy photo wall turn the venue into an indoor garden. The space also boasts a chic mezzanine, modern cocktail lounge and airy reception area. With 17-foot ceilings and pristine white walls, you can imbue the space with your own vision. Up to 275 guests can feel at home here, whether they’re lounging on the 20-foot sectional, trying out the swings in the cocktail area or sipping refreshments at thequartz-counter bar. 


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