Love Locks: Real Diamond Wedding Rings Made from Couples' Hair

More than just a stone, these unique and meaningful diamonds are being made with hair from the bride and groom.

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Beautiful weddings are full of meaningful symbols. Central to a wedding's symbolism are the wedding rings. From the earliest times, the ring, with its circular nature, has been used to symbolize a couple's eternal love. Since the 1400s, diamonds have been incorporated into engagement and wedding rings because, as the ads that made diamonds famous say, "A diamond is forever," just as is the couple's love.

More recently, however, a new trend has arisen, one that takes the symbolism of the wedding, and the wedding ring, to a whole new level. This trend involves turning a couple's hair into a real diamond wedding ring.

Creating real diamond wedding rings out of couples' hair may be new, but it is based on a process that has been around for more than 60 years.


Wedding fads may come and go, but the process of turning carbon (one of the elements present in hair) into diamonds has been around since the 1950s. Instead of fading away, this process has grown in both quality and popularity and is now an established means of growing diamonds that are as real as those found in the earth.

Turning carbon into diamonds has been used most often to transform ashes into cremation diamonds that friends and family members can use to remember their deceased loved one. However, it can also be used to build memorial diamonds that commemorate joyous events, including the unmatched joy of a wedding.

In this process, the carbon from the hair is extracted and placed in a growing foundation. It is then subjected to high temperatures and high pressures that mimic the conditions under which diamonds are formed within the earth. Over the course of 70-120 days, the carbon grows into a sparkling memorial diamond.


Here are a few reasons why couples are drawn to this type of wedding jewelry:

It is romantic.

A diamond wedding ring made from a couple’s hair is a deeply tangible sign of romance and permanent commitment. When a couple's locks are intermingled in the diamond, the gem itself becomes a physical representation of the couple's love and eternal commitment to each other.

It is tangible.

A diamond made from a couple's hair will serve as tangible reminder throughout their marriage of the deep love that carried them to the altar and the promises they made to each other there. It will give them something to see, feel, and hold in good years and in bad, reminding them of their union.


It is lasting.

Couples choose a diamond wedding band made from their hair because the diamond will last for many years. It serves not only as a sign of their marriage on the day they are wed but, unlike the flowers and the dress, and the decorations, it will remain beautiful and meaningful throughout their time together.

It is versatile.

Each couple is unique. Couples choose a diamond wedding band made from their hair because it offers the opportunity to symbolize their love in their own unique way. At Heart In Diamond, they can choose from 5 colors, 9 sizes, multiple cuts, and more than 500 jewelry settings to craft exactly the kind of wedding rings they desire.

It is symbolic.

Many couples choose a diamond wedding band made out of their hair because they love the symbolism of having their hair commingled in the form of a beautiful diamond. When they choose a memorial diamond made from their hair, they choose a symbol of the kind of marriage they aspire to: Beautiful and unified for the long term.


It is affordable.

While the meaning of a diamond made out of a couple's hair is deeper and richer than that of a natural diamond, its cost is surprisingly low in comparison. In fact, most diamonds created through this method cost up to 30 percent less than do natural diamonds retrieved from the earth.

Heart In Diamond offers couples more than a decade of experience in turning carbon into diamonds, as well as the lowest prices and fastest turnaround times in the industry. That is why couples often choose us to meet their diamond wedding band needs.

In addition, we own our production facilities, allowing us to offer the fastest turnaround times and lowest prices in the industry and provide customers with a wide range of choices when it comes to the look and setting of their diamonds.

Creating the ideal wedding means making sure all of the elements come together into a harmonious whole. When it comes to your wedding band, one that contains a diamond made from your hair can serve as a romantic and tangible part of not only a beautiful wedding, but a beautiful marriage as well.